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Building a bespoke judging tool

Dezeen wanted to launch an annual Awards programme where architecture, design studios could submit their projects for industry-leading professionals to judge. Den were tasked with building the full journey from entry submission through to the judging stages. Entry submissions are stored in a custom-built Laravel platform which judges can log in to to review entries and cast their votes via a bespoke built voting service. Awards admins are also able to log in to the platform and track the status of each entry.

Reducing the carbon footprint

We are working to improve the Dezeen sites’ efficiency by streamlining the way data is delivered from the central servers to the end user. Dezeen are committed to ensuring the site leads in the way of reduced carbon footprint. Working with EcoPing, we are analysing, benchmarking and prioritising the improvements and efficiencies that can be made on the site.

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Northeast Delta Dental Case Study

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Doetaylor rebrand