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A future-first brand identity to articulate the business strategy and facilitate growth

Elixirr challenged us to create an strategically-led identity that would keep pace with their restless growth and limitless ambition over the coming years. We wanted to create something truly unique, that would set Elixirr apart and live up to their core platform as The Challenger Consultancy.  The conception of this identity is as smart and future-proof as it is creative. We’ve concentrated on building a design system to support the brand architecture, which can grow and evolve with the company, and the expansion of the House of Brands.

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    Brand strategy – It was vital that we connected Elixirr’s business strategy with their visual language, whilst differentiating them from other firms in their industry. We were drawn to the meaning of the company name “the remedy to traditional consulting.” By distilling the brand to a central idea we were able to create an identity which builds on the company name, and reinforces the brand platform – The Challenger Consultancy.

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    Visual identity – Digital and motion are at the heart of our concept, aligning with Elixirr’s best-in-class approach to digital innovation.  The fluidity and dynamism of the mark and the visual language evokes the way the Elixirr team work, how they shine a light on opportunities for their clients and the speed at which they deliver.

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    Motion principles – From the first presentation of concepts we used motion to bring the visual identity to life. As concepts were developed, motion principles were developed that allow for the identity to be translated across media and social content in a consistent way going forwards.

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    Roll out – Managing the rollout of a new brand across multiple touchpoints in a fast-paced, client facing environment took careful planning. The most involved part of the roll out was a website redesign to solve the user pain points we identified during user testing, providing a clearer path to the information that users were looking for. Our development team then worked fast to build the website for go-live to align with the release of Elixirr’s first annual results since listing on the stock exchange.


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I cried and cried and cried - you guys are the best!

Stephen Newton, Managing Partner, Elixirr

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Elixirr Rebrand v2

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