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Cloud9 Technologies

Working to improve the UX and UI of a purpose built communications platform

Cloud 9 have a purpose built communications platform for the trading floor; a digitalised switchboard for traders to interact with each other, and investors to control the flow of calls. In the backend the portal collects, structures and delivers real-time metadata and transcription of trading conversations providing a robust view of market intelligence for the front office.

We work directly with their head of product management to improve the UX and UI of the product.

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    Discovery – We had to get into the mind of a trader to figure out how they worked and interacted with the platform, even setting up and using a trader board, replicating calls.

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    Bridging the gap – We had to ensure that designs were evolved in a way that the functionality worked just as well with click or touch gestures so that user experience was as good across any device.

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    Accessibility – We carried out a full audit of colours, contrast, font sizes and useability across desktop and touch screens.


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